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Gummies for Strong Immunity

Energize Your Little Heroes with Tasty Daily Multivitamins & Immunity Boosters.

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Gummies for Strong Bones

Little Ones with Delicious Nutrient Boosters for Unbreakable Strength in Every Tasty Gummy Bite!

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Tasty Everyday Nutrition - by MOMS

At Power Gummies®, we believe that we don’t need to compromise taste for good health.


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    Gluten Free


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    aged kids

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Kid's Love

Health Supplement

Kids Multivitamin & Immunity Booster

with Vit A, B, C, D & K

Health Supplement

Kids Gummies for Strong Bones

With Calcium & Vit D

Health supplement

Gorgeous Hair & Nails and Multivitamin for Kids

For Mom & Kids


We are delightful and effective


Power Gummies® is your new approach to health and wellness. It all begins with what you put inside the body. At Power Gummies®, we believe that when a health regime is simple and delicious, it’s easy to follow it to success. And because good health leads to great confidence, happiness follows naturally.


Conceptualized in the India, Power Gummies® are crafted for maximum safety and best results. They have the best ingredients available and are certified by FSSAI for quality and safety. You will find a perfect balance of nutrient & mineral composition in our Gummies to fulfill your body’s daily nutritional requirements. To complement all the healthy stuff, Gummies have authentic flavours and a dash of love to make them irresistibly yummy.

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We are very particular about our products and want to ensure that they are not just 100% safe, but also effective. For this reason, we like to look at science and ensure that all our products give the best results, without compromising on quality.

Power Gummies – Delightful, Effective and Chewable Vitamins  for Healthy Lifestyle
PowerGummies – Best Supplement to Stop Bloating and Water Shedding | The Beach Body Vitamins

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"I am bursting with excitement for your upcoming kid's gummy range! I can't wait to introduce these nutritious and delicious treats to my little ones."

Geetika Khanna

Power Gummies - Genuine Reviews | Simran Sachdeva Loves Gorgeous Hair & Nails

"Power Gummies has been my trusted hair care companion, and now, with the launch of kids range, I am certain it will be nothing short of amazing."

Priti Makhija

Power Gummies - Genuine Reviews | Pratibha Choudhary Loves Jaw-Dropping Skin Gummies

"I am eagerly counting down the days for the delivery of your kids gummy range! I have loved your previous products, and now I am sure my kids will love i...

Sanika Dutta

Power Gummies - Genuine Reviews | Deepika Gwalani Loves The Beach Body Gummies

"I was waiting for kids gummies. I am filled with excitement and anticipation for the incredible products you will bring for our little ones."

Mitali Agarwal

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